Possible Performance Enhancements
Hi all, I've been messing around with this emulator for a while and thought of possible performance enhancements that have not yet been discussed. For those with lots of ram, using a ramdisk and running the game from there would most likely boost performance. I am going to test this in a few days once my ram comes in. Alternatively, I would assume SSD's would work as well. I hope this gives a considerable boost, but if anyone already has lots of ram/ramdisk, would you test this out?

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The reading speed is not a bottleneck at all in PS2 emulation,emulating the EE is.So anything boosting up reading speeds will have little impact on actual emulation speed...it might reduce some loading times but that's it.The huge bottleneck is CPU power at this time
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I'm afraid you won't really notice any difference unless you're currently reading from a really slow drive. I've got a RAID0 (onboard controller though) for my images and it averages 184mb/s read, load times are short as Bositman said but the actual emulation speed remains pretty much unchanged.
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Even if you had a raptor, it would be the same. PCSX2 and emulators overall are dependant on CPU, GPU, and some in RAM.

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