Possible for pcsx2 to change windows graphical settings?
I just installed pcsx2 a couple days ago, and after running it I noticed that my gamma was turned way up while playing another game. I rebooted and it was back to normal. But now I've noticed while playing other games that suddenly the colors will look much duller as if my gamma has been turned up, even when I haven't run pcsx2 on that particular boot. And it happens like the flip of a switch. Playing and everything looks fine, then it just happens.

I've never had this happen prior to installing pcsx2, and it happened immediately after my first time running the program.

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Maybe a stupid question, but did you ever thought about making sure your Videocard drivers are up 2 date and DirectX aswell? Smile
Just checked and both are up to date.
turn on shadeboost perhaps?
your pc spec info ty
This issue the OP has isn't hardware based, or in other words it doesn't really matter if his hardware is weak or strong, the issue might be though that or it's a faulty rip of the disc or faulty hardware. Eitherway FDA please try to remake your image with Imgburn, which is free and you can get it at: http://www.imgburn.com Smile
Well the problem I'm referring to is out side of pcsx2, but only started happening immediately after my first time running pcsx2. The gamma problem I'm noticing occurs in other games outside of pcsx2. Where just randomly, it will seem as though the gamma has been turned way up at the flip of a switch. I first noticed it when playing a pc game after running pcsx2 the first time, and a reboot fixed it. But it still happens.

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Some games have options to change the gamma, by default they are kept at 1:1 ratio and then does not change the current driver/monitor setup.

If you use to change that option, that could explain the problem. On the other hand I'm not sure if the changes are local or global.

Some monitors have dynamic contrast/luminance adjust that may have become active, still the diagnostic is not the same, the changes would occur with ambient lighting changes. Some have a power saving feature which does something similar you are reporting, well... hard to say with certainty.
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