Possible this PC spec suitable to emulate PCSX2 ?
HI there,

I would like to ask about is the following computer spec is possible to emulate the pcsx2 smoothly (comparison)?

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.06 Ghz 6Mb cache
Nvidia geforce 9800GT 1GB DDR3
Window Vista 32-bits or 64-bits.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40 Ghz 8Mb cache
Nvidia geforce 9800GT 1GB DDR3
4 or 8 GB RAM
Window Vista 64-bits.

The purpose of this thread is to let me have a rough Idea about the new computer I would like to bought soon. At the same time I able to play Pcsx2 and for my 3D animation project (Student of Bachelor Degree in 3D animation and design) in my new PC.

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A thread with a lot of information about what will/will not run PCSX2.
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If PCSX2 is your prime concern, don't buy the quad core. PCSX2 can't yet use quad core. If you buy it, it will be slower for PCSX2 than the E8400. Plus, the E8400 supports SSE4.1 , so you'll be able to use the appropriate GSdx graphics plugin. 8gb ram is overkill, considering 2 is more than enough for PCSX2 (1 if you're on winXP). As for OS, use Vista64 or XP64.
According to the thread (http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2331.html) .... Quad Core is supported ..
No it isn't.That thread just states that it will work well with it,but PCSX2 will NOT use more than 2 cores,which the exception of GSdx software rendering
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Get Spec1, will be a lot faster for pcsx2. Especially so if you overclocked it Wink
Personally I find that 8 gigs of RAM is an overkill in ANY case. a lot of your RAM will be chilling out in the sun cause it won't be used =P (i support the 4 gigs notion)
3.0ghz E8400 Dual Core Processor
4 Gigs Corsair DDR2 RAM
(2x)8800GT SLI (dual cards)
spec 1 with 64 bit vista and 8 gigs ram :3 (since u suggested getting 8 gigs in spec 2 anyway)

if ur good with computers, overclock to 4ghz too =D
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Intel C2D [email protected] | 2GB DDR2@665MHz | 2xSLI NVIDIA GeForceGo 7950GTX 512MB | XP Pro SP3 | Alienware Laptop | SuperPI 1.5-1m in 23s
spec 1 for me i still prefer amd but...
8 Gigas ain't over kill at all =) Have you ever tried games that need "3.5 GB RAM" or "Quad-core" to run "nicely" behind box? Wink

Yeah Hellgate London was on of these games where 8 Gigs put perfomance up a lot by long runs. Quad-core is needed for GTA IV to be playable with all candies =).

Well anyway considering future use I took max supported RAM capacity, along with quad-core and 64bit vista.

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