Possible to modify or replace models?
Hi, I played Burnout 3: takedown and I was thinking if I can replace any vehicle with a city bus. It would be fun right? Is there any program do I have to use? I don't know anything about modding a PS2 game.

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Short Answer: You aren't gonna accomplish this.

Long Answer: You aren't gonna accomplish this without WAY more work than you are willing to put in. Unless you are willing to put in tons and tons of hours just to be a bus.

If you wanna do something like that, maybe look in to buying Burnout Paradise for PC if you can. Being a PC game, there are mods(including one to play as bus). You can usually get it on sale for like $5 during Steam sales etc.
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Hmm, that's a brief answer that would get me through the problem, thanks for the notice! Smile

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