Possible to save/load state while recording?!
Somehow I cannot do this on my PCSX2.... or isn't it possible, perhaps? I am using an older build because it manages my games the best.

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personally, I think it's impossible to do. because you'd be saving the ram state that is recording. and that could get messy
actually, i can confirm that saving and loading savestates during recording is possible.

however, there was one instance were saving a savestate caused the music in my game to stop (so indeed, it can get a bit "messy");
i never noticed it during gameplay since my framerate was really bad.

here's one such recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXGs1GEQXwQ
(i did a savestate around the 0:54 mark -- the music stopped but everything else worked fine)
oh cool! but... how did you do that..? save/load state while recording, i mean. because i just get up errors when i try to do so.... i can record the normal way, but not if i want to load/save..... hmm...

and i don't need to worry about the music since i've got sound disabled for my games.

thanks for the quick replies tho!
you can save a savestate by pressing F1 while in-game...

i wonder if the version of pcsx2 you're using behaves differently from the 0.9.7 beta (which i'm using) ?

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