Possible to toggle control sensitivity somehow?
So a lot of games have it where to sneak or walk, you only move the analog stick lightly, but with a keyboard obviously this is impossible. When I change the sensitivity of the movement controls in lilypad I can make my character sneak, but then they can't move any faster than what the sensitivity is, so is there anyway to toggle the sensitivity to allow me to go from full running to sneaking or any other kind of work around?

Or is my only about just to buy a controller and adapter for my PC?

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I don't think there is a way to toggle the sensitivity. I prefer playing such games with a controller.
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Lilypad was designed for a controller, the extras like sensitivity are only affected by the slight movements of the assigned joysticks. Since you can't assign literal joysticks with the keyboard it won't help you at all unless you get a controller.
A workaround is assigning one keyboard key with normal sensitivity and another keyboard key with the lowered sensitivity for the same axis/button
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Ahh looks like the best option is just to buy a controller or adapter for the ones I have then, thanks.

Would be a pretty cool feature to have in lilypad though. = /
What Bositman is saying is what I had to do that for the flute quest in Star Ocean 3, mainly since it needed a half pressed button and a full Smile

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