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Post Caught in Spam Filter, whoops!
Hey mods!

I am new around here. I created an account for the express purpose of contributing to this thread.

Unfortunately, the content I was contributing included a couple links. 
Understandably this post was caught by the spam filters.
I do not believe the post broke any of the forum rules, so I think I can confidently request its approval whenever that is convenient.  Smile

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am not a spam bot, and will likely be hanging around the forum a bit!

Either way, thanks for this forum, it's an awesome resource.

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Unfortunately the spam filter is only a bot. There is always collateral damage. Possibly you are suspicious because of your low post count.

The spam filter doesn't go by links, it's context based and only scans users < 5 posts. Sometimes it makes mistakes, sorry for the inconvenience.
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No worries! I think I counted as suspicious by most measurable statistics. Smile

Thank you for both the explanation and quick response guys!

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