Post processing shader dont't work
Hello, I'm trying to enable using of external post processing shader (GSDX FX) on the new pcsx2 1.4 but enabling this option in plugin settings do absolutely nothing at all, zero changes to the quality/ filtering of games.

I'm using D3D 11 gsdx with the latest stable 1.4 build, I have path chosen to the shader and .ini file, also ticked "enable external shader" option as well - nothing changes sadly.

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you know you have to manual edit the GSdx_FX_Settings with in the shader folder to enabled the features you want right? Just enabling it in PCSX2>GSDX isnt gona do anything
(06-26-2016, 07:53 PM)tsunami2311 Wrote: you know you have to manual edit the GSdx_FX_Settings with in the shader folder to enabled the features you want right? Just enabling it in PCSX2>GSDX isnt gona do anything

The default settings are also tweaked up a bit, but tried amp it up more and changes finally are visible, altough comparing to DolphinFX / IshiirukaFX on dolphin emu changes are not so big or maybe I'm missing something crucial to make changes more viable...
Do You guys have any preset of some nice settings for GdsxFX shader?
default predefined settings yes, but by defualt only bloom and tone mapping is enabled nothing else is i dont mess with settings i just enable effect

//#[ANTIALIASING TECHNIQUES]   [1=ON|0=OFF]  #READ: For best results: Use gsdx fx antialiasing OR filtering. Not both together.
#define UHQ_FXAA                    1      //# High Quality Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing. If GSdx's internal FXAA is also enabled, this equals FXAA2x.[3D]

//#[FS SCALING TECHNIQUES]    [1=ON|0=OFF]  #READ: For best results: Only enable one type of filtering at one time. Use post antialiasing OR FS filtering, not both.
#define BILINEAR_FILTERING          0     //# Bilinear Fullscreen Texture Filtering. BiLinear filtering - light to medium filtering of textures.[2D]
#define BICUBIC_FILTERING           0     //# Bicubic Fullscreen Texture Filtering. BiCubic filtering - medium to strong filtering of textures.[2D]
#define GAUSSIAN_FILTERING          0     //# Gaussian Fullscreen Texture Filtering. Gaussian filtering - strong to extra strong filtering of textures.[2D]
#define BICUBLIC_SCALER             0     //# Bicubic Interpolation Scaling. Uses BCS on up scaling, and downsampling of games, for smoother scaling.
#define LANCZOS_SCALER              0     //# Lanczos Interpolation Scaling. Uses Lanczos on up scaling, and downsampling of games for smoother scaling.

//#[LIGHTING & COLOUR]         [1=ON|0=OFF]  #READ: These can all be turned on & off independently of each other. [For High Dynamic Range(HDR) use Bloom & Tonemapping together]
#define BLENDED_BLOOM               1      //# High Quality SP Bloom. Soft lighting with blending techniques, for a natural looking bloom.
#define SCENE_TONEMAPPING           1      //# HDR Scene Tonemapping. Layered component conversion, and applies scene tone mapping.
#define COLOR_CORRECTION            0      //# Component Color Correction. Colorspace conversion, with correction curves, and multiple palette types.
#define CROSS_PROCESSING            0      //# Filmic Cross Processing. Alters the tone of the scene, crossing the game's color set, with another.
#define GAMMA_CORRECTION            1      //# RGB Gamma Correction. Fixed expansion to variable compression gamma correction curve.
#define PIXEL_VIBRANCE              1      //# Pixel Vibrance. Intelligently adjusts pixel vibrance depending on original color saturation.
#define COLOR_GRADING               0      //# Post-Complement Colour Grading. Alters individual colour components on a scene, to enhance selected colour tones.
#define TEXTURE_SHARPEN             1      //# Bicubic Texture Unsharpen Mask. Looks similar to a negative texture LOD bias. Enhances texture fidelity.
#define CURVE_CONTRAST              1      //# S-Curve Scene Contrast Enhancement. Locally adjusts contrast using a four-point cubic bezier spline.
#define CEL_SHADING                 0      //# PX Cel Shading. Simulates the look of animation/toon. Typically best suited for animated style games.
#define PAINT_SHADING               0      //# Paint Shading. Creates the effect of a painted scene. Adapted from ENB series, it's pretty performance heavy.

//#[TV EMU TECHNIQUES]         [1=ON|0=OFF]  #READ: These can all be turned on & off independently of each other. These effects are typically used to simulated older TVs/CRT etc.
#define LOTTES_CRT                  0     //# Timothy Lottes CRT emulation effect. Similar to scanlines, but with more control options. Ported by request.
#define SCANLINES                   0     //# Scanlines to simulate the look of a CRT TV. Typically suited to sprite games. Note: Works best at Native Res.
#define VIGNETTE                    0     //# Darkens the edges of the screen, to make it look more like it was shot with a camera lens.
#define DEBANDING                   1     //# Applies a debanding effect, to minimize banding artifacts. Which is usually very prevalent in skyboxes (for example).
#define SP_DITHERING                1     //# Subpixel Dithering to simulate more colors than your monitor can display. Smoothes gradiants, this can reduce color banding.
#define PX_BORDER                   1     //# Creates a pixel border, as a workaround for the bright edge that using hardware antialiasing(MSAA) can cause. (Ported by request from SFX).

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