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Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
Apologies if i've deleted your request that hasnt been filled in this thread, please repost, got a bit cleanup happy
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I would like a patch for XG3 (PAL) to skip the intro movies as the audio is very slow and annoying.
Oooh, we can request patches in this thread too?? Awesome!

Ok, umm, can someone please make a movie-skip patch for "Fallout - BoS" (US-NTSC version)? The game no longer has any graphics issues that I can see and works fine right up until you choose your character -- but only as long as you skip the movies with X. After you choose your character there's a movie you *can't* skip and the game locks up there, just as it does on all the other movies too.

ok, what about a cheat for resident evil 4? ntsc version

i looked here, and i didnt find any so ^^
tried myself, like ammo, but could not find it :/

Would I be able to request a money cheat for Dot Hack Infection, please? It would be a great help... =]
Final Fantasy X - International [SLPS_250.88]
CRC : 658597E2
KEY : DD 43 39 7A 16 F6 29 E4 67 EC D6 AF CE BD 33 C4 1A D4 37 1C

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.pnach   658597E2.pnach (Size: 3,18 KB / Downloads: 14.192)
Would anyone please be able to write a cheat patch to unlock all characters on NTSC Tekken 5. There is one on first page, but its for PAL version, and doesn't work on my Tekken. Or at least, point me to some kind of resource I could look into to figure it myself.

Thanks Smile
here is a patch i make it for god of war this patch will give you
infinity magic ,jump,health,orbits
max eyes
max phonics
have all weapon and magic attacks
and it is for ntcs may work in pal

Attached Files
.pnach   d6385328.pnach (Size: 455 bytes / Downloads: 4.356)
here's an incomplete GoW2 ntsc u/c patch, the red orbs work, but Ive not gotten health or magic to work

Attached Files
.pnach   2F123FD8.pnach (Size: 255 bytes / Downloads: 926)
Requesting a patch to remove your characters HP limit of 9999 in Final Fantasy XII (SLUS_209.63) (US)

Thanks. Smile
Specs: Q9550 @ 3.4Ghz, 4GB 800Mhz RAM, Radeon HD4890, Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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