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Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
(07-05-2010, 02:26 AM)Roundaround Wrote:
(07-05-2010, 12:15 AM)bleak101 Wrote: Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make a patch for Persona 4 [NTSC-U] please.

Thanks in Advance,


You mean like the one in this post, or several other posts? Search a little next time. There's a search bar at the top right of the forum page. Smile

Also, I even re-posted the file here for you. Smile

(02-21-2010, 06:28 PM)gatsu99 Wrote: a new patch

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 [SLUS 21782] (U) [DEDC3B71]

Front Mission 4 (J) [SLUS 20888] [EB3AC800]

Thanks for reposting the P4 Pnach buddy Laugh
but isn't there more codes to it?

the P3 Fes I found had an "All Personas In The Compendium" code and "Max All S.Links" code

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The p3 Fes compendium code sucks, you get all the personas but they're level 0 and don't have spells and the higher end personas don't learn any spells til say 50 +, did the p4 patch work for you?
(07-06-2010, 04:02 PM)bleak101 Wrote: The p3 Fes compendium code sucks, you get all the personas but they're level 0 and don't have spells and the higher end personas don't learn any spells til say 50 +, did the p4 patch work for you?

I haven't tried it yet since I can't access the menu in the game's beginning xD
though in the first battle in the dream I got 999 hp and sp for the Main Character.

In P3 Fes,If you use the Max Exp on the Personas then they'll get to Level 99 after 1 battle. the only one you won't get is Orpheus Telos.

*Edit-I finished my 1st 2 fights now(Persona 4),codes work, I got probably all of the battle usable items at 98 each.
999 hp&sp,max money and somewhere among the unamed entries were an experience multiplier since I'm level 32 now after 2 fights and Izanagi's Level 20.

now for the complete compendium and max S.Links code xD
(the max S.Links code is for back up since I plan on playing the S.Links,but just in case I might've missed an S.Link or were unable to max it then the code would come into play.)
Until they get disc-swapping working with MR4, this might be useful to other folks. It's a patch that completes your Encyclopedia, so you can regenerate monsters from your book. Want to be surprised? Go to to draw a number between 1 and 328!

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.pnach   0EF3697B.pnach (Size: 9,37 KB / Downloads: 1.354)
any chance you have one for MR3 somewhere?
(07-07-2010, 06:41 PM)Saiki Wrote: any chance you have one for MR3 somewhere?

No. But I can tell you what I did to make it. I got the MR4 save from earlier in this thread with a complete encyclopedia, made a save state using it, uncompressed it and all the save states I'd made by playing so far, then wrote a program to compare the save states and mark the byte locations of any value that was different in the complete encyclopedia than it was in all of the others. I then went through this with a manual eye, looking for a long, regular pattern of differences, which I found in short order; other than a gap for the default Garu, it was pretty obvious. I created a rough patch from there, but it didn't have the complete list for some reason; some fine-tuning was necessary. (I had to adjust the starting point and locate a few gaps in the internal table to skip over.) I tried patching the save file first, but there was a checksum or somesuch that defeated me.

I'm pretty sure there's a MR3 save with a complete compedium; have you tried Legend Cup?
nope, to be honest I haven't gone further than first point I can save
Can I ask for these codes to be converted? xD
Persona 3

Aohige Pharmacy Sells Everything
400A0000 00DE0002
00000FA1 00000001
400A06F8 00610002
000007D1 00000001
400A0A08 00800002
000003E9 00000001
400A0E08 00FF0002
00000001 00000001
400A0004 02c00002
00FF0000 00000000
206AA7F4 000002c0
206AA7F8 000a0000
206ABC64 000002c0
206ABC68 000a0000

*Item Codes
All Items (Encludes Dummy items Some Can be used)
410C2D90 00700001
00630063 00000000

Monsters Cant Move
101c7250 00000000

Persona 4

Have All Persona in Compendium Book (GSv4+ / CBv7+ only)
407981FC 00BF000C
00010001 00010000

All Persona Level Max in Compendium Book
40798200 00BF000C
00000063 00000000

All Persona Max Stats in Compendium Book
40798218 00BF000C
63636363 00000000
4079821C 00BF000C
63636363 00000000
40798220 00BF000C
00006363 00000000
And if anyone has a max all S.links code for P4 that'd be great.
Sephirìon,those codes doesn't really need to be converted because it already RAW.
just copy patch=1,EE, & ,extended, into code.
for code that has number 1 change it to 0 or 2.
Monsters Cant Move
101c7250 00000000

Monsters Cant Move
001c7250 00000000 or 201c7250 00000000

so above codes :

Persona 3
//Aohige Pharmacy Sells Everything

//Item Codes//
//All Items (Encludes Dummy items Some Can be used)

//Monsters Cant Move

Persona 4
//Have All Persona in Compendium Book

//All Persona Level Max in Compendium Book

//All Persona Max Stats in Compendium Book

Sephirìon,you ask codes for Persona 3 & Persona it USA(SLUS xxxxx).if so then go to link below:
the codes from link below doesn't need to be has already RAW so just copy like step above.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (SLUS 21569)

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 FES (SLUS 21621)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (SLUS 21782)
CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz
RAM: G-Skill(Ripjaws-X) 4GB Dual-Channel DDR3 PC12800
Bagus!!!!! Laugh

The Persona 3 codes that I got were actually adapted from yours since the comment says,
="Patch by Pontifice adapted from Patch by Bagus and Codes by Skiller"

So Thanks Alot Man Laugh

And Thanks for telling me about how to use raw codes since I didn't know that you could just put the patch=1,EE, & ,extended, on them xD

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