Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
Wondering can anyone make a pnach file for ff10 pal?? for infinite lvls/items/stats??

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You can edit your save with this if you want(rather that using pnach for something that doesn't have to be in freeze state...well except for items but you can have 99 of every one of them)
A patch for DBZ:BT2 PAL:

.pnach   278722BF.pnach (Size: 9,39 KB / Downloads: 3.581)
Lots of things, including auto-win clashes and struggles, overpower mode, ultimate spam(no cooldown), all items(and soo chars/stages/dragonballs etc.), and some potara set preequipped for all chars. Works for probably all modes, including story mode.

Edit: Codes to change hp/ki/power/blast for chars of P1/P2 can freeze story mode resulting in black screen when the screen to choose characters should load(after cutscene/before fight), soo load them after this screen or disable those cheats while playing story mode completely(the codes to edit stats should still work without blocking story mode at least as far as I tested and not all of those codes block it, but it can differ in different story mode missions). Gonna try if more advanced patch commands are working in pcsx2 and what I can do about it if anything else can be done.Tongue A nice trick to disable/enable cheats without a reset or save/load is to do it with GS window opened/game running and after selecting/unselecting cheats in menu - move a slider in the log window and it should show "xx cheats loaded"(even if you just disabled them - that's ok), dunno why they don't enable/disable by just selecting the option in the menu, maybe bug, but that trick is working to help with this.

For now you can use this if you're lazy - commented out (hopefully)all codes that could cause freeze in story mode, soo no infinite energy/hp etc. but chars are still overpowered one way or another:

.7z   278722BF.7z (Size: 1,93 KB / Downloads: 2.394)

=======Budokai Tenkaichi 3 & Sparking! Meteor=======

Patch for DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi3 PAL(SLES-54945):
.pnach   A422BB13.pnach (Size: 21,98 KB / Downloads: 5.374)

Patch for DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi 3 NTSC(SLUS-21678):
.pnach   428113C2.pnach (Size: 21,92 KB / Downloads: 7.480)

Patch for DBZWackoparking! Meteor(SLPS-25815):
.pnach   F28D21F1.pnach (Size: 21,93 KB / Downloads: 2.257)

Even more things, with better control, updated by new stuff and compacted using newly accuired knowledge about 4x patch command. Just to show off a list:
-custom red potaras for c1, c2 and c3(taking even strategy slot) and a FULL list(including all normal potaras) with hex codes to help with building own custom setups by codes,
-all chars/items/stages/music/missions/modes,
-infinite dragonballs and Z-points,
-full control over hp/ki/maxpower/blast/team change for both players,
-customizable struggles/clashes,
-ultimate spam(no cooldown),
-infinite rush blast(need to hit a target at least once during it's normal max animation to continue, meaning every rock need to hit to spam rocks, much easier with ki blasts) and always max power of powered one,
-Disc Fusion 1&2 without disc swap(which doesn't work in pcsx2 for this game, hence the code only way to play those 2 modes in emulator),
-halo code which allows halo model above Goku/Vegeta models like in story mode(it can also add alooooot of ki regen),
-aura color change by code(without potara),
-hp regen,
-dragon sim codes,
-AI lvl Control(including above* "Very Strong", but I see not much difference myself, and AI freeze).

Fighting codes will not work in Story mode of BT3 like they do in BT2;P, don't bother me for them, I made cheat tables long ago, but I'll never ever convert it to pnach. If you have problems with story mode, play on easy(edit: or use my trainer, link below), those cheats can unlock everything anyway... .

*The code allowing to set AI lvl to above Very Strong is a bit tricky, it's best to experiment with different values for it, the one I set as max AI is great while you try to train close combat combos, it's really fast, his timings are soo perfect that sometimes cpu vs cpu set on it can avoid each other's attacks untill one of them hit a wall, on the other side he doesn't use any ultimates at all which while using codes for infinite energy/max power mode makes him easy to win with while simply keeping distance and spamming. Anyway FF is max, soo experiment with your own values from that range to match your fighting style in a way to make cpu a harder or simply more enjoyable opponent.

Edit: About the Widescreen patches, my pnach files have 2 different ones, one is flawless, second can work slightly nicer for some dudes, but it also can break the beam aiming at long distance when being near map corner soo I disabled it. Nowadays someone made other WS patch for the game in that overgrown WS patch thread, but it causes glitches for example in planet explosion screen, soo I totally not recommend it. @[email protected]

Added also a code I made for someone in this thread, pretty useless code for me, but just in case anyone ever has similar needs, it'll be here.;3

Added some index to my bt3 pnach files as they're quite big. Game "fixes" are in the very end, soo you can turn off or even delete everything else if you don't want to cheat.(I totally just use "replace all" option in notepad for that.;p)
- Have at least as much fun using it as I had making it:].

I finally decided to release the complete version of my trainer/editor, you can find it here.
Leaving the short vid with post processing effects which can be used with this trainer(but disabled in current GSdx:C), if anyone wishes to see - here.
can someone make a patch for gta vice city stories

with infinite life and infinite money?

comment=The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge
// NTSC - NA?
// CRC = "8AD8BA91"

//INFINITE HEALTH -RAW- (Health goes to nothing but you don't die)






Found some interesting hacks for Demento (aka Haunting Ground) on a Japanese bbs last night! I've created a pnach with them and attached it below. These hacks will let you take off Fiona's skirt at will, and you can also adjust her breast size between 50-150%. You can view the controls in pcsx2's program log after booting the game.

The last picture is from a different hack I found, it's more for laughs Laugh

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.pnach   E263BC4B.pnach (Size: 827 bytes / Downloads: 1.407)
Cheats for Wild Arms 5 Undub. (Tested and Working)

When i have the time i will update this post..

gametitle=Wild Arms 5 Undub [SLUS_216.15] (USA) [c164550a]
comment=Patches by kwn2k

//Dean Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Rebecca Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Avril Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Greg Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Chuck Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Carol Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Infinite MP

//Asgard Codes//
//Infinite HP

//Misc Codes//
//Infinite Money

//Max Money

//Unlimited GC/No HP Drain
Was wondering if i could get a max synth points for max's weapon in Dark Cloud 2. The one on page 6 loads fine but doesnt do anything.. I have the scus version.
Requesting working exp patch for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness [SLUS 20666] ntsc i believe US, also would be nice if a patch for Higher SP were possible, and Max Bonus gauge <3. Thanks! ~Haru~

Edit: not max exp, just around x4-x16 exp would be amazing tyvm!
how do you not know what region your own game is?

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