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Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
does anybody have any pnach cheats for .hack? original 4 disks im on the second now and already in use is the wides screen and the level and money but i want the best dual wields and i wasnt sure if there was a way but to have kite in all black would be cool. probably not possible like KH2FM i used dif drive forms on that :/

on KH2FM note i was also able to use weapons from other characters without a problem till they started disapearing from my hand when i made contact to an enemy lol ;p

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(02-09-2013, 02:01 PM)rico77772 Wrote: i have the same game but my says

Radiata Stories [NTSC-U] [SLUS-21262] this with a 2 at the end not a 1

That's not a problem\different version...did you tried the codes
(02-09-2013, 08:19 PM)vsub Wrote: And...
That's not a problem\different version...did you tried the codes

not yet just saying that my is diffren
Ok,but that's not different version of the game and the codes should be working.
(02-09-2013, 08:29 PM)vsub Wrote: Ok,but that's not different version of the game and the codes should be working.

^^ ok ty will try it when i play it
Anybody can help me with a cheat code for Persona 4 SLUS-21782 (DEDC3B71)??

I've tried many codes and I thought that this one might work, but it doesn't, can anyone fix it for me?!?

// 4x EXP multiplier (Persona)
Hey im Looking For PNACH Cheats For Jade Cacoon 2

i found some on this Thread but my CRC don;t match with theres

My game is PAL
CRC code 7FD7A1B9

Much Appreciate if anybody can help

Thanks in Advance
Lately I noticed like 2 threads bumped about Monster Rancher 4 disc swap, tried to find a code for all monsters in the net, but apparently there was none(strange for such an easy code to do @[email protected]), anyway here's mine:
comment=Monster Rancher 4 NTSC-U(SLUS-20702)
//Fill book with all monsters

//Fill Gadget shop
Note: I didn't really tested it, but althrough there are only 328 monsters I had to multiply write to 335 places in memory to add all monsters, the code would have to be like 7 times longer and this probably doesn't cause any problems anyway(if it does, let me know, but it simply seems there were more monsters planned than ended in released game) that's why I didn't corrected those;p.

comment=Monster Rancher 5(EVO) NTSC-U(SLUS-21330)
//Fill book with all monsters

//Widescreen patch (16:9)
Note: Similar as with MR4. And an update, I gave my MR WS patches another try, 3/4 are a bit stupid about it, but I fixed rendering area in EVO, soo including it here as well;3.

Soo yeah disc swap feature is obsolete now for those games.;p

//Probably gonna do same with MR3 once I find my disc with it.
Update about MR3 - I might not do that one actually, I already got adresses for all monsters in encyclopedia and general idea, but stupid encyclopedia in MR3 seem to keep all monster stats and if I don't fill them for each monster they'll be at 0=_=, unless I find other way to fill it, I'm gonna give up on that one.

MR3 Update 2:
For desperates with NTSC-U(SLUS-20190) version I found other way:
0x2033460B adress stores disk ID, many will repeat same monsters and at times the game requires confirming a few times that you want to read off MR3 disc(yeah you don't have to swap to any other).
If you want that for pnach:
comment=Monster Rancher 3 NTSC-U(SLUS-20190)
//Swapped Disc ID
//Change ???? to/for:
//0000 - Momo
//0001 - Ogyo
//0002 - Mocchi
//0009 - some powerfull one(couldn't check on the start of the game;p)
//.... and soo on, test yourself;p, make note those numbers are in HEX;p, google it if you don't have any idea
//I also think it's only 1 byte value;p, but earlier byte is always 0 soo it shouldn't hurt

I wasn't proud of lacking code to easily fill encyclopedia in MR3, soo made a Cheat Engine cheat table for PS2 MR series including all of the above and a script which fills MR3 encyclopedia with some data from 100% save. Make note that stats of those monsters can differ from yours, if you care alot about this, then don't use it.
.7z   Monster Rancher.7z (Size: 8,51 KB / Downloads: 4.048)
If you cannot find codes for different version of those games you can also download it and read the readme script included with cheat table, I added alot of tips how to find those codes in other game versions easily(well easily if you know the basics of Cheat Engine;p).

Edit: Someone asked me about filling gadget shop in MR4 since the existing code for that was either inconvertable or even a total troll;p, ~ added it above.
Anybody can look at my XP for Persona cheat please?!?
@StriFe79 your persona cheat works fine for me (only for main char personas), if personas have bigger lvl than monsters they can get very little exp through(same applies to characters), soo you can try using bigger values. Here's a list:
//change last 3 digits to:
//x2= 040
//x4= 080
//x8= 0C0
//x16= 100
//x32= 140
//x64= 180
//x128= 1C0
//x256= 200
//low lvl vs mid lvl monster +high multiplier = instant 99 lvl =_=;
//high lvl vs low lvl monster = almost no exp to multiply;p

Unless you want a more general code:
//EXP Multi (Everyone)
with same digits as above, it'll affect all exp.

oh and if you want to lvl other char personas, they're linked to their lvl, if you want to rise it without rising main char lvl, you can use this code:
// EXP Multi (Party)
I would say with same digits, but there's an 8 instead of 0 soo it should look alike:
//change last 3 digits to:
//x2= 840
//x4= 880
//x8= 8C0
//x16= 900
//x32= 940
//x64= 980
//x128= 9C0
//x256= A00

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