Post your PCSX2 cheats-patches here!
Hey guys i need help... I could'nt get this pnach work..
I dont know what's wrong

here the code
gametitle=Dynasty Gundam 2 (US) [SLUS_218.73] [BFB1109F]
comment=by kalashicov remove // to activate desire code
//INF HP <-- NOT working
//INF SP <-- NOT working
//Max Range <-- Not Sure
//INf Boost <-- NOT working
//Max Attack And Shield <-- NOT working
// Max Kills <-- working code
//Exp 10,000 after mission <-- working code
//Get All Part from Enemy <-- Turn off because it might crash
//Max Drop Part <-- working code
//Inf Boost (alt) <-- I turn on this code because it's working
//Inf SP (alt) <-- I turn on this code because it's working

So could You Guys check this by the way when i look on memory address using cheat Engine 6.3 found some Glitch with 8C220160 (4byte hex) their binary value not the same last digit show 16 instead 18 also there is massage like this

unknow vifcmd

yeah something like this and sometime dissapear like that

attach is the Pnach file check this for me please

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.pnach   BFB1109F.pnach (Size: 1,5 KB / Downloads: 3.816)

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K I'm trying to cheat disgaea so I can play as baal, thats all I want. I found cheats here: and did some research on how to get them to pnach and whatnot. It worked... almost. Baal has not sprite. The thumbnail of his face is there, but actually using him, its just a circular shadow and when "invisible" Baal needs to jump, the game freezes. I've seen videos of people playing with the sprite so I know it can be done. There are other posts in this thread using codes from that same site up there, and no one has mentioned anything about not being able to see the sprites, so i'm assuming they had no problem with it.

Alternatively I found some gameshark codes here but I couldn't get any on the page to work.

Can anybody help with this sprite/graphics issue? Again, the code works, Baal shows up in creation menu, but he's invisible
@kalashicov: those "not working" codes actually write assembly scripts into code cave(an "always empty" place in memory used commonly for trainers and other hacky scripts;p) without a code that actually "jump" to them from actual game code they'll never have a chance to do anything, hence if you had any "enable code" which sometimes can be wrongly named as "master code"(which aren't needed for emulators) then you have to convert that one as well to make them work;3. Have no clue what glitch you're talking past codes;p.


@UnstoppableKiwi: "(...)If you make Baal you can only use Baal in the place where you fight Baal. Same for Priere or anyone else. They can only be present when they are indeed present.(...)"
^quoted of some site;p. In other words - limitation of the game, not a bug with cheat or emu those characters will work only on stages they normally are loaded. It would require a bit of modding, probably doable since it surely wouldn't push the game to any limits, but I'm not into that so cannot really tell.
[quote='miseru99' pid='318318' dateline='1378179090']
@kalashicov: those "not working" codes actually write assembly scripts into code cave(an "always empty" place in memory used commonly for trainers and other hacky scripts;p) without a code that actually "jump" to them from actual game code they'll never have a chance to do anything, hence if you had any "enable code" which sometimes can be wrongly named as "master code"(which aren't needed for emulators) then you have to convert that one as well to make them work;3. Have no clue what glitch you're talking past codes;p.


Well your quote "hence if you had any "enable code" which sometimes can be wrongly named as "master code"(which aren't needed for emulators)" really help solve the problem though... LoL

thanks for your help then.. it's works like a charm including max range... i'm suprise that i don't need to equip Range Enhance Skill too...

Credit Goes to Skiller Code Master from Gameswinner and miseru99 also vsub from thank fro helping me Regarding Genji Dawn of Samurai

by the way yeah is no glitch i just update GameIndex.dbf from 0.98 to 1.01 and all gone
so no message not (Massage....) LoL
on LOG File anymore
unknown Viffcmd

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.pnach   BFB1109F.pnach (Size: 3,03 KB / Downloads: 2.729)
kalashicov: Care you put a comment or something explaining what that patch is for?
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Following on from my post on page 218 with Armored Core 3 and Armored Core: Silent Line (Both NTSC) (head to that post for a link to iso and cheats!),

I've got Armored Core 2 cheats up and running too. Being the oldest on the ps2 series, it does feel a little off compared to the later '3' releases but your mileage may vary.
I've decided to hunt out working cheats (once i've tested them) for:

Armored Core 2 DONE
Armored Core 2: Another Age DONE
Armored Core 3 DONE
Armored Core 3: Silent Line DONE
Armored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Ninebreaker DONE
and Armored Core: Last Raven. DONE

If there are others, i'm afraid i won't be pursuing them. I may decide against Nexus now that i see there are 2 discs to it (?). Might do it very last.

Armored Core 2 (NTSC) from the site had CRC 0D168765, so here's 0D168765.pnach:

gametitle=Armored Core 2
comment=Leos Klein only wishes he were this invincible.
// Master code (decrypted v6+)

// Infinite Money (permanently 65535+ credits)

// Max Money (Permanently have 99999999 credits)

// Infinite AP

// Infinite Energy

// Always Low Temperature

// Infinite Right Ammo

Comment out or set patch=1 or patch=0 as you wish to activate/deactivate them; this is just what i stick with. I remember when i used to play AC2 on my ps2 and it would always feel a bit iffy if i had too many cheats on at once: I strongly advise that if you're after money, you use the cheat for 99999999 credits, save the game, then exit and take this cheat off. You'll never run out of money with 99999999 and it more than covers everything in the shop. AC2 allows you to sell parts you've bought though, so you can go around this in quite a few ways - i feel less like a horrible cheat if i buy every part with my ridiculous amount of cash one by one! Biggrin

There are also cheats floating around for all parts if you want to go that way. See my last post for how you'd go about that (you'll need CB2CRYPT.exe) Closedeyes
I also don't advise having 'Always Low Temperature' on if you've got Infinite AP - there's no point forcing your AC to have a perfect radiator if your Armour Points aren't ever going to drop below 9999 and you're impervious to damage anyway. Don't overdo cheats on this game because the laggy feeling builds up quickly, even at 60fps! Happy

Edit: Something else i should mention. I use a PS3 pad to play pcsx2 games and it's not been a problem til now for AC2 - it insists on up, down, left and right buttons for moving your AC. You can put up with that or configure your controller plugin to make the stick perform those fuctions - it's just then, you will have to navigate around the menus and screens with just the sticks and that can be annoying if not perfectly calibrated (e.g. you move the stick right but recoil back a little and suddenly you've flicked through items too quickly, something that doesn't happen if you just use the up down left right buttons. This isn't a problem for AC2:AA onwards though by the looks of it and i don't remember it being an issue on the actual ps2, so it's probably a 'digital vs analog' controller thing maybe?

So, there's more to come from me soon, i just want to play the games through a bit to check for pitfalls..and i've never actually played Nexus, Ninebreaker or Last Raven before, so i kinda want to finish them first Ninja Cool

Main system: Engaging combat mode. Have fun putting Klein and The Frighteners in their place!
Now for Another Age. See my previous posts if you have any queries or want to use exactly what i used.

Armored Core 2: Another Age (NTSC)CRC was 9545216B

So, 9545216B.pnach looks like so:

gametitle=Armored Core 2: Another Age
comment=Target verified. Commencing hostilities!
// Master code for the game. Standard stuff.

// Infinite Money (65535+)

// Max Money (99999999)

// Infinite AP

// Infinite Energy

// Infinite optional part slots

// AMMO CHEATS (untested but should be fine):
// Infinite Right Ammo

// Max Right Ammo

// Max Infinite Right Ammo

//Infinite Back Ammo

// Max Back Ammo

// Max Infinite Back Ammo

// Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)

// Extra Ammo (All Weapons)

Be advised: Having infinite energy definitely lags the game (movement wise; not fps that i've seen) a fair bit IF the bar for it gets drawn exceeding its limit. When it isn't drawn beyond where it should, movement is smooth again.
See my previous musings on the money cheat. Having 65535 (or sometimes 131071 lol) as a minimum amount of credits can be a problem for buying things that are more expensive but the max money cheat is a sure way to avoid it, if used sensibly.
That infinite optional parts cheat's a good one too - ignore the orange bar filling on the right as you add optional parts, it will fill randomly but still allow you to equip all the optional parts at your discretion.
As with AC2, i would suggest using as few cheats at once as possible, the much older games (AC2 and AC2AA) don't look like they like it Tongue

I don't like using ammo cheats myself, but they should work as well as the others. Uncomment them as you see fit but please use your brain and don't have 'infinite' with 'max infinite' at the same time or something. Closedeyes If the game crashes, it's on your head LaughBlush
Oh dear. Armored Core: Last Raven was a bit of a disaster but i did like the idea of the corporations coming together as 'Alliance' vs a Raven amalgamation. I like some of the improvements they made too but it feels VERY different to what i'm used to from the older games and the only cheats floating around don't make it any more approachable Sad

Here are the cheats i got working but even these weren't adequete, unless you're great at the game already (which i would hardly claim to be XD) Give me an orbital frame or a Gundam over an AC/Next anyday! Never did get the hang of strategically dropping parts LaughBlush

Armored Core: Last Raven (NTSC) CRC:1F34E107

Contents of 1F34E107.pnach:
gametitle=Armored Core: Last Raven
comment=Cheats for Last Raven
//Master code (must be on, apparently).
//Bigger than usual.

// Infinite Money

// Max Money

// Infinite AP

// Infinite Energy

//What the hell is 'infinite power usage'?

// Infinite Ammo

// Max Infinite Ammo
// Extra Ammo

// Infinite time

// Have all Parts

As mentioned, the master code was run through 'v7' on the decryption program mentioned in my earlier posts because it was hinted to do so on the site. Just to be sure, I tried the decrypted code without v7 and it didn't work at all (TLB misses).

What can i say about these cheats? Messy. Money cheats worked great if that's all you were going for. Didn't test 'All parts' but they should work. Infinite ammo works well. Infinite be honest, i don't think it was working because the cockpit interface is different to what i'm used to and i still heard the 'low energy' sounds when i was flying a bit and didn't want to push my luck. Laugh

Infinite AP....there's the pitfall. It'll give you 9999 AP...but you can still easily overheat and it Exclwon't STAY at 9999Excl like the cheats for the older games would. Your AP will DIP ...maybe even to a very low number...before..MAYBE going back up to 9999. There's a significant delay which is delayed further if you're overheating - so the cheat loads fine, it just really feels like the game has been made to allow cheating, but ultimately discourage it. You'll die with an almighty boom if you get hit enough. Ohmy

My experience: I thought i'd work my way towards helping Alliance out so i took the first mission for them, just after i'd set up my AC and given it a lick of paint. I got thrashed by an AC even WITH CHEATS Laugh, and i was pounding him with dozens of massive damage plasma cannon shots and blade waves. I thought it was just deterring me from picking so hard a mission as my 1st one, so tried again and got similar results.
I changed my mind and went through a different mission path, and things were going well, until i got back to the garage and noticed my floating leg parts had been swapped for bipeds and a booster equipped...checked my legs and what do i find...they're "crushed" "cannot be repaired" LaughLaugh and there aren't any cheats for that...Rolleyes
I see you can 'tune' parts like on the later 'AC4' series which is nice.

Oh - that cheat 'infinite power usage' mentioned around on the sites...there's already an 'infinite energy'...?? i don't care to speculate lol

In short, Armored Core 3 and Silent Line are still by far where the series peaked. Engaging, satisfying missions and infectious music. Biggrin If you're good at the game then these will be of some help to you, but if your skill with ACs is a lot like mine or you just want to play casually, i'd stay clear of Last Raven.

I'll check out Ninebreaker next. Cool
can i some1 make a pnac file for monster rancher 4:quick exp. code for adventure or unlock skills code for mosnter?
can some one , make a code for infinite mission time (empire mode ) for dynasty warriors 4 empires???? Tongue
Dynasty warriors 4 Empire [SLUS 209381](U)[BD3DBCF9] NTSC

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