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Post your PCSX2 screenshots/videos here!
(12-28-2018, 11:12 PM)PimpPanse Wrote: I recently replayed all three Xenosaga Games using pcsx2 with a selfmade Ultrawide Patch and 4K Resolution. I made 300+ Screenshots, here is the link to my OneDrive Folder:!AlkRKexe5GJXt1S8x0IzWmz00mFB

That's amazing quality, well done Smile Maybe I could use some for the front page?
Also would be nice if you could mention exact GSdx settings and PCSX2 build so people can replicate it
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Sure, no problem.

For Xenosaga Episode 1&2 I used the latest stable 1.4.0 Build with 
D3D11 Rendering 
8x Internal Resolution 
HW Hacks: Skipdraw to "1" ; TC offset to X=0000 and Y=1000 (fix for the Shadows puppet lines)

For Episode 3 I used the latest stable 1.4.0 Build with 
D3D9 Rendering (D3D11 not recommendable)
8x Internal Resolution 
HW Hacks: Merge Sprites (eliminates weird lighting effects)

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