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Post your PCSX2 screenshots/videos here!
(12-28-2018, 11:12 PM)PimpPanse Wrote: I recently replayed all three Xenosaga Games using pcsx2 with a selfmade Ultrawide Patch and 4K Resolution. I made 300+ Screenshots, here is the link to my OneDrive Folder:!AlkRKexe5GJXt1S8x0IzWmz00mFB

That's amazing quality, well done Smile Maybe I could use some for the front page?
Also would be nice if you could mention exact GSdx settings and PCSX2 build so people can replicate it
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Sure, no problem.

For Xenosaga Episode 1&2 I used the latest stable 1.4.0 Build with 
D3D11 Rendering 
8x Internal Resolution 
HW Hacks: Skipdraw to "1" ; TC offset to X=0000 and Y=1000 (fix for the Shadows puppet lines)

For Episode 3 I used the latest stable 1.4.0 Build with 
D3D9 Rendering (D3D11 not recommendable)
8x Internal Resolution 
HW Hacks: Merge Sprites (eliminates weird lighting effects)
Part3 of my Forbidden Siren 2 Screenshots.Added Auto-Correction Code for MAXIMUM far Sight into Rooms without any graphical Errors.

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Devil May Cry 3:

PCSX2 version 1.4.0. Settings: 6x native, OpenGL Hardware plugin, Accurate Date, Blending Unit Accuracy: High, HW Hacks (Offset X and Y set at 90). Some visual effects are still missing even in 1.5.0, some are rendered incorrectly.
couple vids of KK 2002 that prafull just patched so it finally works now.

Some 2160p gameplay of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's revenge' using the HW Hack 'Texture Offset' with x 390, y 648 values for 6x rendering (not perfect but very enjoyable compared to the default values).

Intel Core i7-5820K/16GB DDR4/GeForce RTX 2070 Super/MSI X99A Gaming 7 motherboard
...some of my PS2 games videos...

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