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I want to ask about that can i share copy of my cheat device iso created by disk. I understand that sharing of games is illegal. But these are not games. So, to help others can i share it?
I will not post before your permission. Please dont close this thread unless it is important as it is for solutions of problems that users suffering while posting. If it is closed please reply me as PMS. Thaks.

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Anything you pay to get is illegal to give download links to it.
Just because it's not a game,it doesn't mean it's ok to windows os is not a game.
Are you daft? No piracy period
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Ok i understood it is copyright and will not post in future.
There is limit while posting. Why? There is less character to type in memcard thread. My post would be very long. At this time I don't know that the limit is removed.
How old are you?
I can't imagine what you are trying to post that would cause you to go over the character limit. Considering I've posted posts with thousands and thousands of words.

Anyway dude you just constantly complain complain complain about the site and everything. The forum is sufficient for every other single user, why is it just you having these endless problems?
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(02-22-2016, 10:02 AM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: The forum is sufficient for every other single user, why is it just you having these endless problems?

Do you really think he'll be able to realize why ? Tongue2
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I want to post details about my memcard save. I have many games and hacked or completed them. I can only post about 5 or less games. So i want that limit to be removed.
I am 14 years old - for him who asked this.
You're not gonna reach that limit.
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