Power management during gameplay
Hey everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with a pretty dumb issue. I'm running PCSX2 on a laptop so power management settings like dim screen and sleep mode go into effect after periods of inactivity. The problem is that when I'm playing a game with a PS3 DualShock 3 controller my system doesn't detect the activity. So my screen dims and I have to jiggle the mouse repeatedly.

I'm on Fedora 21 (KDE) using SDL 1 and the DS3 is connected via USB under /dev/input/js1. All results from jtest are valid. One thing though, in order for my controller to work properly with OnePAD I need to start xboxdrv and emulate an xbox 360 controller. Odd, there's another thread about that if you're curious.

Hopefully this is an easy fix. Thanks!

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There might be a program out there that can simulate input. Could you also disable the dimming and sleeping while playing and then turn the power management settings back on?
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Thanks for your input junknaut! I've thought about disabling the power management during gameplay but it's kind of a pain to do every time I flip on pcsx2 and then change it back when I'm finished. I was hoping to figure out why my controller doesn't count as 'activity'. I'm interested in your suggestion of a program that can simulate input. I'll try to pursue that lead. Thanks again!

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