Powerful system, bad FMV performance FFX-2
My system specifications should be more than adequate to simulate at full speed for FMVs even on FFX-2.

-CPU: i7 920, overclocked to 4Ghz
-GPU: XFX 7970 Ghz Edition

Ram is a non-issue at 16GB.

What seems to be the issue?

Edit: Running it from an .iso instead of directly off the CD seems to have fixed it. Still doesn't like running at above native res but it runs smoothly using DX11 hardware mode.

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I'm pretty sure FMVs don't scale.
Not only don't they scale, but it looks like a checkerboard, using scaling gets tedious when you have to switch it off for FMVs.
There is a hack setting that does that switching automatically.
The only way to render fmvs correctly in this game is using software mode.
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And the latest SVNs have a hack that will auto switch to software mode on FMVs and back to hardware mode for everything else so use that for this game.
Not all problems with some games are due to lack of machine power, this is one the cases where the solution is yet to come for the hardware emulation on the video plugin. For now a powerful machine is useful to run them full speed in software mode.

That would be a useful "bug" report if was not a very very old known issue. It will be addressed someday but is not at the top priority level I believe.
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