Preference help
Hello duds,
I have a problem to play mgs2 and mgs3 substance.
I have only 20-30 fps.
my gpu and cpu are over 90% when I play one of the games

my pc:

Vista 64
i7 920 @ 2.67
hd 4870 512mb
6 Gig. Ram

pcsx beta 1474

i hope someone know what the problem is ; P

ps: my english isnĀ“t my best language so^^

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iirc the speed hack "vu cycle stealing" works very good with mgs3 (don't have mgs2 atm), disable all other hacks and try it on slight or moderate speedup, might be enough already for playable speeds on your system. if not, try setting it to large or very large speedup. and try a pre 14xx revision of gsdx, e.g. r1398, they are faster with some games on ati cards. the rest of your config looks fine.
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You may wish to get an after market CPU cooler and see if you can overclock your CPU. The i7 920 is known to get up to 4ghz on air cooling alone, and an overclock like that will probably get you full speed on MGS3.
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thx it works very good 40-50 fps
Where can i download the new or old one of GSdx
Get it here:

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