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Is there a listing of what the preset option change? I have found that playing Champions of Norrath was running at a low 42% 12FPS so i decided to search a bit and found that people had luck by using presets 5/6. so i bumped my presets to 6 but now i cant change any settings and i get occasional polygon ripping and was hoping maybe i could tweak the settings a little if i knew what preset 6 changed i could possibly activate all those settings manually and then begin tweaking them slightly one at a time and seeing if i could fix the ripping issue.

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It's very easy to find out. Go through the VUs and Speedhacks tabs(other tabs aren't affected) of the Emulation Settings window and move the preset slider. You'll see settings change per preset.
Ok so according to FlatOut i have found the things the preset changes. Now is there anyone that can tell me how i can possibly fix the ripping in my screenshot? i have altered the few things i dare to change but it doesnt seem to help so if anyone could give some advice id greatly appreciate it

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