Pressing Start on controller closes window
This has been asked before by someone on this thread

this specfic question:

the reply was
"You revived a 3 year old thread without providing any info...thread closed. Make a new one with your problem listing your PCSX2 version, settings, plugins used and pc specifications."

Now I realize asking a question while not putting in any effort before hand to search for solutions that have already been asked is a bit lame, but I challenge anyone to try find this "3 year old thread" , using either the forum search or google itself.
I was surprised reading that reply that there was not at least a link provided to the a fore mentioned thread.

Anyway, in short, Ive spent the last 40mins or so trying to look for this elusive thread using this forum & google, and many variations on search key words.
I cant find anything in relation to it apart from the same forum thread that I stated above, so sorry for asking this question again, and sorry for created a post that clearly has been created before, but I simply cant find it so ive no other choice but to ask this in a new post.

can anyone help with this issue, anything I try pressing start simply closes stuff down, Im not sure if the issue is with the controller, my pc, the emulator.. no idea.. some advice would be great

and happy new year


well this kinda sucks now... I really have no idea how one is supposed to get this to work. do controllers even work with this?
I just tried padPokopom, and the same stupid thing is happening. content loads fine, then when its time to press start, it just closes.. like how the hell is someone meant to work this out?.. there is NO help what so ever on this issue via google or this forum, ive spend even more time searching in veine for even slightly related subjects.. but nothing, absolutely nothing.. perhaps its a problem with my controller itself.. if thats the case my bad.
But since someone else asked the same question, and "apparently" there is some thread that is 3 years old discussing the problem then perhaps its not then a problem with my controller..

can someone please help, im pulling my hair out, Ive spend the last 4 to 5 hours trying endless setting in the emulator itself with no success, either the controller dosent work at all, or works, but pressing start closes it.

arggg 5 hours in ,, and im no closer to getting this to work, even tho it is working, but closing.. what a dam tease

can anyone at all, in any shape or form help me with this? or please direct me to some other thread where this has been covered before.

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On the closed thread thing... you already found the 3 year old thread, it's THAT one. In forums, is usually better to make a new thread (like you're doing now) than posting in an old thread (like the one in the link). Check the dates on that link you posted and you'll see.

On the issue, pressing Start shouldn't close anything unless you have it mapped for something elsewhere. For example, you might have mapped joy2key to make the Start button do the ALT+F4 thing. See?

When you've spent so much time messing with the emulator, perhaps you've been looking in the wrong place. Look outside of the emulator, for any program that you may have set the controller to do something or anything at all.
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This is certainly not caused by PCSX2 or any of the plugins, it sounds like a controller issue or some weird mapping. You didn't find any other thread like this because there has never been an issue like this for anyone else, thus making it pretty much certain it is a hardware/system issue rather than a PCSX2 issue
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Ah.. sheesh, in my blind frustration I read his reply wrong, I thought he was giving out to that person for creating a post within a thread that had no relevance to the original question of that thread (ie the press esc issue) then was told that where was a thread closer to what he was asking already created. Ive read it again and see my error.. Im sorry.

And low and behold, guess what I had running in the background, yes xpadder, with a function mapped to the start button... sheesh (however if you had not mentioned this I probably wouldn't have clocked I had it running since i have the task set to start on win launch with no task bar or notification icons)

well, sorry for letting my frustrations leak onto the forum.
a rather embarrassing mistake on my part

and thanks for the reply
No problem, at least you found the cause of it.
Happy endings are good~ Smile
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