Pressing TAB Button... 0.9.8
Hello Guys

I'm only a Newbie here and IDK much about this emulator

So here is my Story

I'm reading the Persona 4 walkthrough while playing it
and I press Ctrl+F to find the section of Social link and I'm to lazy to use the mouse so i use the TAB button..

While pressing the TAB button I notice that my emulator is gaining speed
I check the FPS and it was about 90-100%
(Faster than normal speed)

I panic!! cause i thought i messed up with my game so I try to Close the whole emulator and running it again from start

I came back to normal and once again I press the TAB button And I notice that it can adjust the speed of the game..

I adjust to normal speed ( 50-60%)

I'm happy cause no more laggy and slowdowns while playing persona 4
it always maintaining 50-60% even in yukiko boss fight

My Specs

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3-2310m @ 2.10Ghz 2.10Ghz
VC: Intel HD Ghrapics Family 1.3GB


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Hmm.. Wacko I can't understand you. That TAB Buttion is feature in pcsx2 that enables turbo mode i.e 200% of game Speed. Smile
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
and your problem is ????....
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I think this is feedback and he's trying to say he's happy with the turbo feature. Tongue
SO TAB button is the turbo feature...

I'm sorry I didn't know all about this button and the Turbo feature..

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