Pressure Sensitivity?
I have a mighty need to know if there's any DS3 pressure sensitivity, forum/reddit searching and google-fu has failed me.

I feel like this might already be supported because the MiFi controller standard and (maybe?) by extension generic apple controller drivers require pressure sensitive buttons.

If not, I feel like this could (again maybe) be much easier to implement than all the driver+lilypad work that needs to go into windows just for those axes to be recognized.

Just wondering if I need to stick to my old thinkpad or fork up money for parallels just to play the rest of the Onimusha series on my M1.

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It's not currently supported on macOS. We may support it in the future.

The generic apple controller driver doesn't support DS3, so if we do add support that way, it will only work with MFI controllers and not DS3s
Interesting! Thanks so much for explaining. I actually wouldn't mind that because at least then we wouldn't have to depend on finding DS3s in good condition (in the future).

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