Pressure Sensitve buttons with original xbox controller S
If interested in playing socom online check out (
This is the setup I use for Socom 2. Socom uses the triangle pressure button to prone, crouch and stand.
-XBCD driver for the original Xbox controller S (
-Use the XBCD Setup Utility (Run as Admin) and change the y button from (B4) to (Sld-).  
-----Windows now recognizes the y as a slider.
XBCD Setup Utility has an option to view how windows interprets inputs. As you press y you see the Slider bar rise. The harder you press the higher the bar rises. Under the Slider bar the scale is set to 100, you want to change that to 50. (Also make sure you check ON the Slider above the bar)
-Click Save and Apply.
Now to the LilyPad Plugin in PCSX2 (Im using version 0.12.1)
-Configure the Binding of Triangle to (Slider -)
Sensitivity=1.000 Dead zone=0 Skip Dead Zone =off

A test before Playing the game.
In the Lilypad settings under Device Diagnostics in the General tab you can verify the raw inputs. Select the XBCD Microsoft Controller S and a screen will pop up with the values of each button. Scroll down to the Sliders (Slider, Slider + and Slider-) and as you press the y button the Slider values will Decrease and Slider- will increase.
That should be it.

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