Pressure buttons (DualShock3)
So I was messing around with MGS3, and got up to the End, when I figured it was high time to get those face buttons (X, square, O, triangle) to be pressure sensitive. It was a hassle getting that far without it. After about 5 hours of searching and messing with settings and all this crap, I found the solution. The whole problem can be avoided by going to So far, it feels pretty trustworthy, but unfortunately doesn't show up in Google searches. Use the download on the site, or if that doesn't work, it is available at as well. Good luck! I hope this doesn't get taken down because someone else already posted, I made an account for the sole purpose of posting this!

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When you use a Dualshock 3 controller on the PC using SCP-Server, SCP-Server will have some folders titled Win32 and Win64 which come with xinput and lilypad svn edition, for the specific function of adding pressure sensitivity. The SCP-Server thread, if read well enough, mentions on how to install pressure sensitivity.
During my searches on how to get it to work, I pretty much never found solid installation instructions, or lots of conflicting replies. Plus, the original SCP thread is crazy long and has tons of edited posts which makes it mildly confusing. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I think having someplace that definitively tells what to use and how to use it is better, without having to dig through many many posts.

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