Pressure sensitive button in PCSX2 for DS3/Sixaxis, PS2+Converter
MotioninJoy 0.7.1001 available


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Wow button sensitivity support for lilypad? Have they changed something in the plugin or it's just the config file making it possible?
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I thought it had support for that in raw input mode? but ofc windows drivers just cant handle it.
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Quote:Download plugin(LilyPad-MotioninJoy) of PCSX2 base on LilyPad svn.

He replaced the libusb option with a MotioninJoy option.

Could the native mode connect via bluetooth? If so then this news somewhat useless Laugh
Interesting, When i get home tonight i'll test it out, or someone else can, I'll be interested to know how he got it to work (assuming it does of course)
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