Pressure sensitive face buttons???
Hi guys! So far I've been able to 100% accurately map my Xbox One wireless controller with LilyPad but there's one thing that I've yet to accomplish; mapping the cross, square, triangle and circle buttons as pressure sensitive. I'm playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero and CROSS is the gas and SQUARE is the break...on my actual PS2 I can hold the throttle gently to cruise the Wangan highway at 60mph but using PCSX2 so far that's a no-go. CROSS registers as ON or OFF. I've tried mapping the CROSS button to a TRIGGER but I get the same result. I know the face buttons on the Xbox One controller are pressure sensitive so does anyone have any ideas??? Thanks a million.

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Just wanted to say that after 15 years I figured out that you can remap the controller IN GAME the right analog stick is gas/break and I can cruise and feather the throttle/brakes.

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