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Preventing fullscreen from scaling to vertical limit
I'm accustomed to scaling to the largest possible integer in other emulators so as to avoid geometry distortion artifacts in nearest neighbor (I cannot tolerate bilinear blurriness). I'm not having any luck figuring out how to prevent fullscreen PCSX2 from scaling to fit 1920x1080 vertically, and I don't think changing my desktop resolution is an appropriate workaround for this problem.

What I'm trying to do is double 640x448 (the primary internal resolution used by the game I'm trying to play) to 1280x896. I just want to double pixels. It looks fine in windowed mode, but when I go into fullscreen, the image is stretched to fill all 1080 vertical pixels.

To be clear, I want black borders on ALL sides. How can I manage this? I've played with custom internal resolution scaling and the zoom feature without luck, and have used both D3D11 and OpenGL plugins, both of which scale to fullscreen in the same manner. I'm sure it's possible as this is fundamental functionality, but I am out of ideas.

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There's a feature in the works. Unfortunately it probably won't get merged into the main PCSX2 branch anytime soon. What you can do is go to the Appveyor link at the bottom of this page and click on the Artifacts tab in that link:
I'm glad to hear it's in the pipeline at least. Hopefully FlatOutPS2 shows back up to make the requested changes.

As for the Appveyor build, I can't seem to find it... I see only plain text mentions of Appveyor on the pull request page, and when I go to Appveyor, it looks like only a few commits have compiled binaries associated with them, and the only ones I've found thus far are very old. Do you have a direct link to the latest build?

For others new to AppVeyor, once viewing a commit entry, you need to click on the relevant job name (the top one for most people), then artifacts to see compiled releases.

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