Primal can not play
To this day it is still not possible to play this game, even with the passage of time and updates, the emulator has the same problems, the same errors to run at least decent way some games, especially speaking of PRIMAL.
Years ago people asked about this problem waiting for a solution to play this great game, and the most interesting answer that has been found in this forum and others, has been to play it on PS2. Stupid answer must be said, so do not download said emulator or talk.
Year 2017, I want to ask if it will be possible to play one day, if at least I will play the game in a decent way or I will get the same answers as people before I got.
I would be greatly grateful if you would offer me help.

A día de hoy sigue sin ser posible jugar a este juego, aun con el pase del tiempo y actualizaciones, el emulador tiene los mismo problemas, los mismos errores para hacer funcionar al menos de manera decente algunos juegos, en especial, hablando del PRIMAL.
Hace años que gente a preguntado por este problema esperando una solución para jugar a este magnifico juego, y la respuesta mas interesante que e hallado en este foro y otros, a sido el de jugarlo en la PS2. Respuesta estúpida hay que decir, para eso no te descargues dicho emulador o hables.
Año 2017, quiero preguntar si se podrá jugar algún día, si al menos ira el juego de manera decente o obtendré las mismas respuestas que personas antes que yo obtuvieron.
Agradecería enormemente que se me ofreciera ayuda.

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Will it be possible to play someday? Most likely. As the emulator improves, more and more games become playable. If you're looking for a specific time frame, no one can give you that unless someone puts in the time and effort specifically for that game. Or works on specific coding that will ultimately make the game playable. However, there are plenty of other games that need to be fixed, so most likely you're going to have to stand in line and wait till it eventually becomes playable.

Telling you to play it on your PS2 in the meantime isn't a stupid answer. It's the only practical way to play it right now. Just because you don't like the answer, doesn't make it stupid
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