Prince of Persia warrior within issues
System specs are windows 7 professional 64 bit, 12GB ram, NVIDIA GT 620, and cpu is an i7-3770 3.4GHz. PCSX2 version is 1.3.0 svn 5900. I'm using the gsdx graphical plugin, no special settings except interlacing set to weave bff saw tooth. I have the mtvu speedhack enabled, all others are turned off. I also have manual game fixes enabled with only switch to gsdx software rendering when a FMV plays checked. I'm using the US version of the game, and in short after the first cutscene i get a black screen if i'm in hardware mode. If i play the game in software mode, after the cutscene things start to render though everthing in covered in a light green color, and then after a few seconds(maybe 5) the emulator crashes.

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according to this :
you'll probably need to patch pcsx2 with the 4 Gb patch
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