Prob with FF X
alright have the NSTC version and right after you fight the al bhed machina underwater in the moonflow, the game hangs in the scene back on top of the shoopuff(i think thats what its called) were yuna tells the driver every one is fine. Auron cuts her off while shes talking to the diver and then every1 flies around and the game hangs while showing the driver of the shoopuff. Any suggestions would help

Im using:
Core 2 duo e6400 at 2.13 ghz
2 gb memory DDR2
nvidia 7900 gs 256mb
pcsx2 v 0.9.6
gsdx 0.1.14 ssse3
usa bios v 1.60
lilypad (latest)
Spu-x 1.1.0

*edit FIXED the problem no longer exists i fixed it you can just ignore this thread it was a speed hack thing

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