Prob with Video Plugin
Hi there, i just installed 0.9.7 and when i try to use SSE2 that is the one that matches with my hardware It plays the audio of the game but the screen is black with no image even when i press start and i can hear the menu of the game etc. (The game FF X) Im new to using pcsx2, please give me a hand on how to configure the plugins to get it to work. By the way it worked with Zero Plugin but it lags like hell. Below you can see my system stats:

[Image: 1473602.png]

I tried all the guides here in the forum and some in youtube and nothing helped so far. Also Sometimes the SSE2 Plugin fails to load when i try to config it.

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It's probable you chose one of the null renderers in GSdx, check that and change it to a (hardware) if that's the case. Otherwise post your settings so we can help better. Oh and post your graphics card too... at least I didn't see it mentioned there.
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