Problam By Network
I Used Of Pcsx2 Version r3586

I Will Connect To Internet By Pcsx2
First Time I Used Of Plugin "GigaHeRz's DEV9 Driver 0.3.0.dll" And Pcsx2 Show Me Error "Don't Send"

Next Time I Used Of MegaDev9 For Dev9 Plugin And Detect Network But No Connect And Show Me Error
[Image: 24l4qhk.jpg]
[Image: 2l8vhmw.jpg]

My First Qustion :
Have "GigaHeRz's DEV9 " Plugin Problem By New Version Pcsx2 ?

Two Qustion :
Why Detect Network By MegaDev9 ? (unless MegaDev9 No for Virtual HDD)


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dunno about your 2nd question...

about networking with pcsx2, just forget it. the plugins are in alpha stages and apparently not likely to improve before long.
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