I've installed everything with Pcsx2 and I can get to the part with all the cubes that rotate, but then every time I try to play DBZ BT2 it always sends me to the configure part and doesn't play the game, any suggestions?

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Assuming you use current PCSX2 0.9.8 or newer, get to menu CDVD>Iso Selector>Browse, simply select your game iso there(if you didn't made an iso yet, rip it with imgburn), and then boot:3.

You're basically booting to your bios now which isn't needed at all, most games doesn't use those settings anyway, and that happens simply couse you didn't select any iso/disc. If you did select and it's still booting to bios, make sure that under CDVD menu you have "iso" selected, not "no disc", you also don't need to use any CDVD plugin, couse internal iso loader works just fine, unless you really want to play from physical disc, but that's not really recommended couse whenever the reading of dvd stops, the game will need to wait a bit when needing additional data for it to spin up which usually creates a short freeze every few moments.
use quick boot, in the case where the bios region does not match the game region, several games (this one being one of them) will dump you back to the system menu when using full boot.

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