[Problem] 60FPS Hack - Transfer Saves
Hi , bare with me i'm not that kind of an expert with this program so you may have to be a little bit patient with me ^^ . So my first problem is whenever i try to install the 60fps hack for Kingdom Hearts II , it doesn't work , i don't know what i'm doing wrong , but i'm losing my mind to resolve it and getting it to work . Next up is , if somehow you guys help me get the 60fps to work , is there a way to transfer the saves from the U.S game to the European game , because i don't want to start the whole game from the beginning . Ya' Know.. (cit) , or if i can somehow change the language from the original U.S game to Italian that would be also great . 

P.S: Please Help me ç_ç don't just read and leave , please just please . I can speak/write english pretty well (ignore some dumb mistakes) but when i don't know why i can't understand some words that the game is using , they are just so strange to me , and i would like to understand the story better .

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Before we start,can you get above 120fps when you remove the fps limit.
Yes , it goes like crazy fast . Do you want my PC specs maybe?
Well I doubt I'll see something week if you say you have a lot more than 120fps.
What exactly is the problem?

Are you using the code for your version of the game(probably PAL since you are asking about converting USA save to Europe)?
When you enable the cheats,do you see the code in the console?
Did you switch to turbo mode(that's twice the game speed and it's needed to make the game run at normal speed when the code is enabled...otherwise it will run slowly)
Lots of questions ... so...
For codes i'm using this one 
// 60 FPS Kingdom Hearts 2 PAL

No i don't see the code in the console .
And turbo mode is at 200% if you are talking into Emulation Settings .
P.S: I'm a little bit confused wheter should i put my .pnatch file , in my C:\Users\Documents\PCSX2\cheats_ws or C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.2.1\Cheats .
1.About the code...at first I would say it's wrong but then it's probably modifying only one part of the full code which is also enough to lower the internal speed
2.Not seeing the code means that the codes are not loaded(since you are mentioning "Program Files",that means you are using the installer version of pcsx2 and since I've never used the installer version,I'm not sure from where pcsx2 load the cheats...if it's from the pcsx2 directory,then you could be experiencing the UAC problem(permissions to read\write files from\to Program Files)and if it's from Documents\PCSX2,you have to create the folder inside and place the pnach file there)
I create a simple tool yesterday for those cases(don't know the crc,where to place the file and use the correct extension)
3.Yes I'm talking about turbo and you have to enable it when the code start to work(making the game run twice slower that normal)
Let's do this , i will download the non installer version , back up my saves / configs and load them again . Then try your program and see if it works.
P.S: Done all the thing but your program does not work on windows 10.... , how can i get a full working code ?
What exactly the program do when you try it(as I said in the program thread,the game MUST be running before starting it to get the info).
I made it in a way that the program will be auto closed if pcsx2 is not running
I've read your post , the program won't even launch . Btw i found this in the console while booting up with that code in .

[Image: 9acVqtv.png]
As I said,the program will only launch if pcsx2 is running.

And about the image,create a folder named cheats in the PCSX2\Emulator\ folder and place the pnach inside(currently no cheats(except the widescreen codes)are loaded

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