Problem Generating Monsters MR3
Monster Rancher 3 problem

So, I've tried multiple ways to generate monsters but they all keep failing.

First, I tried using ps2 roms but iso files, which make up the majority, keep confusing the application, asking if I want to make a monster from the Monster Rancher 3 disc. Of course, that only generates one kind of monster: a mochi.

I tried burning fake cds using random text. I get mochi.

I tried using ps1 roms/cds, it immediately exits, yelling about how it isn't designed to play PS1 games.

I tried using a CD coming from a pc game. I get mochi.

The only reason I have any hope at all is that I managed to get a Hengar from one of the PS2 files that was a bin file.

Any ideas?

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I think it somehow reads from a physical part of the disc.
tried using a real PS2 game in your DVD reader instead of iso ?
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Alright, tried that, it couldn't recognize them as being distinct from the MR3 disc either.
I posted about this here:

You can modify the build to make that work, but there has been no fixes for this thus far.

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