Problem Installing
Hey there, I'm new to this emulator.
I'm having an issue, I've downloaded the windows version of PCSX2.
I've Extracted with 7zip.
The file "pcsx2" , isnt an "EXE" file, it's just a "FILE" and I can't open it to install, what have I've done wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Please try the installer Smile
Ah, it worked thanks, but I got another error when starting.
"Could not load SPU2 Plugin 'C:\pcsx2\plugins\': <NULL>"
How do I solve this?
the plugins I have so far are ZeroGS kosmos and TwinPad
Could you uninstall PCSX2, then reinstall it using all the default options?

Then when you first start it (first run wizard), leave all options at their default values.

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