[Problem] Kingdom Heart (U)
well is a little error with the text
here the images

What do you advise to fix this?
[Image: sinttulo2mf.th.jpg]
[Image: sinttulo3up.th.jpg]

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Update to the latest beta and try the game again.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I try but still happening

Is there any plugin that I recommend to use?

PD:sorry 4 the inglish (i'm from chile xD)
Yes, your best bet is GSdx. But you can try different versions of it. Get some here:
Ok i try use one 4 that but u can tellme wich is the better version ?

and another question, i have windows vista with servi pack 2 with directx 10 and the plugins doesn't work
What i can do ?
Did you update your directx as the first line in that thread said?
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I Fixed with a older PCSX2 version and older plugins

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