[Problem]On rock band2 (Pcsx2)
Hello people,i have a problem in rock band 2,the game-play is smooth no problem everything working great,but there is a huge Delay (Latency) like a second or two (And In game Calibration ISN'T HELPING HERE!!!Angry),here is my configs,The Game Is NTCS (i Thing Because It types NTCS Mode Initialized When First Screen Appears) Here The Configs Are:


And here is a video that someone post on you tube without delay(Latency):

My Specs Are:
An Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.00
HD3850 512Mb
4Gigs Of Ram...
Windows 7 32Bit

Thanks For Help Guys,If Its Not The Place Just Tell Me I Didn't Knew I Am New Here

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try using spu2-x instead of zeroSPU2 for sound. see if that helps.

also, try disabling 'wait vsync' on gsdx, and just using pcsx2's internal frame limiter.
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ok ill try and edit thanks
so...i did use the plugin that you told me and there is flickery audio and some times i cant get the note clicked,and when i click "wait sync" its making weird shapes around the squares and its bothering but still works kinda same but better then previous times.
help please!!!???
Very fuzzy problem report there.
What's this about "weird shapes around the squares"? Vsync does not not change how the game looks at all.

-Vsync OFF (unticked)
-SPU2-X use default settings
-Make sure the game runs at fullspeed (60fps)!
Okay so i fixed it,it has now 200MS on audio and 60 for video...it took ages until i found the correct one.and rama i meant that when you click any color on ps2 its like braking right?(to pieces) and in the emulator it make some kind of weird shapes around the color,so i fixed it also its working great on DX9 Settings all max but no V Sync.now the game runs smooth and playable.(i realy dont know why he works bad on DX10)

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