Problem - Segmentation Fault

Well, my issue is the following: I'm trying to play Tekken 4, and everything works fine. I go to the selection menu, I choose my character, and then PCSX2 crashes. It only crashes when the fight should start, right up until that point, everything works fine.

The error I get is the following:

* PCSX2 *: ExecuteBios Complete
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1
Loading from a CD rom or CD image
loadElfFile: 1956544
addr 15508 "rom0:OSDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1"
addr 15c70 "rom0:OSDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1"
addr 216d8 "rom0:OSDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1"
addr 90a80 "rom0:OSDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1"
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_203.28;1; CRC = 833FE0A4
XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach...
No patch found.Resuming execution without a patch (this is NOT an error).
Opening Plugins...
Plugins opened successfully.
ZZogl: Disabling MRT depth writing
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
ZeroSPU2: recording
Offset 0x51a0000 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting. line 2:  5041 Segmentation fault: 11  ./pcsx2

Now, I've searched the forum and found the FAQ section of some post that said that Segmentation errors are usually caused by bad rips of games. So I ripped two more games from my dusty PS2 collection: Jak & Daxter and Enter the Matrix, and both of them give me the same "segmentation fault: 11" error.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


My specs - MacBook Pro 13' Retina Display
OS X: 10.9.5
CPU: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel Iris 1024 MB

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As suggested in the general MAC FAQ's and you already posted this is often related to image corruption/bad iso.

How do you create your iso's? If you are observing this problem for different games it is probably due to the method you apply.
I'm using ImgBurn on my PC computer, then copy the ISO file on a USB Drive and on to my Mac.
Is there another, better method?

PS: Can I try and download an ISO from the net to see if those work and it really is a problem of mine, or would that be against the forum's rules?
Definitely against the rules
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go

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