Problem Swapping Disc ISO
Okay I recently ripped the ISO from a friends copy of Shadow Hearts: Covenant from a pal, I own number one and three but haven't gotten to play the second one, I was playing it on 9.6 and then decided to get 9.7 beta since it said it had disc swapping while I could never figure it out on 9.6.

I've used every CDDVD plugin and even with the Gigaherz plugin it won't let me swap to the damn second disc, usually I get "Incorrect Disc, please insert correct disc" and then when I try to mount the ISO onto Virtual clone drive and swap disc it while using the gigaherz plugin It keeps switching the damn function from "Plugin" to ISO and crashing saying my computer may not have enough resources or be incompatible, I can get the first disc to load but it won't let me swap and it's getting really frustrating.

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It should work ok without mounting anything. Use the internal ISO reader (NOT linuz ISO plugin) and when it's time to switch, suspend emulation, choose a new ISO from the recent ISO list (or click browse there and select). Then you'll get a pop up dialog where you press swap disc. That should work
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The game prompts you to save on memory card before you change disc too, so just save to memory card and load the memory card save from the second disc.

Even when PCSX2 couldn't swap discs easily wasn't a problem for most games.
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