Problem Upload/Emulation : Onimusha Blade Warriors
Hello. I would like to upload Onimusha: Blade Warriors on *removed*. I have the PAL vesion of the game and I thought it would be a good idea to upload it myself. So I  have created an ISO from the original game but. I wanted to check that everything was OK so I runned it with PCSX2. You see usually when I launch a game the playstation logo appears normally then appears in the bottom half of the screen half-cutted but then the games is launched without any problems. But then, when I launch Onimusha, I see small dark cubes (not the blue when you launch a game, others) on the left of the screen before the logo of PlayStation and the logo appears, disappears and reappears a little at the bottom left of the screen. Finally the emulator screen freezes but he continues to answer. I never had this problem with the emulator and any others PS2's games which leads me to believe that the problem is caused by Onimusha: Blade Warriors. If anyone could help me I say " thank you "  in advance. If you need to know my emulator's configuration or my pc's tell me and tell me where to find the informations (usually i have no problem to find them but just in case) 

PS: I am French so excuse me if my message isn't perfect.

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