Problem in Star Ocean 3
Iam stuck infront of that dragon relief door that leads into the barr ruins. Seems like iam only able to play 2 tunes out of 4. Iam starting to wonder if its even possible to do with a keyboard.
And i read many topics on how to do it but nothing works iam stuck with 2 tunes.

Anyone got passed this point on the pcsx2?. And how if so that would be great.

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Thx for the help.

I figured it out myself. For those that dont know how. All u have to do is set the 'sensitivity to the key 'u play the dragon bone flute with' in lilypad 0.9.1 or later'. I used 2 keys to function as a circular button (like the PS2 pad). One key i set the sensitivity low. The other key i set the sensitivity high. Result. 4 melodies can be played using 2 keys.

the low sensitivity key plays - happy / lofty
the high sensitivity key play - sad / angry

Probably there are other ways but wtf it works.


This is a huge problem with the emulator in my opinion I even tried using a PS3 controller and it still didn't work >;(
Can anyone help me figure out a way to get past this dragon emotion door,it's really getting on my nerves and it doesn't matter how much I adjust the sensitivity on my controller it doesn't work.
create an alternative config with lilypad and set the 4 keys to play music on one of the analog pad. only analog stick has sensitivity.
tested! :-) i've finished star ocean. works everything
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Okay thanks that worked Yay 2 days stuck on that part,thanks for the help,it was quite a pain though doing the changing emotion doors.
Could you explain in more detail how to do that spike1977 ?
I tried some things but I don't seem to make it work.
I remember you can set multiple keys to the same button but with different settings if you want. Its not hard to map 4 more keys and give lower/higher pressure compared to the keys you are using. That is one of the reasons why I chose Lilypad (before other great controller plugins were created).
I'm using the LilyPad plugin given with the r1736 beta installer.

It may be easy but I still didn't find the right way to do the configuration.

Here's what I tried :
- I set on the keyboard arrow up for circle sensitivity 0.5 and down for circle sensitivity 1.5. When tested, downplays the hard push like the 1.0 sensitivity but up doesn't do anything.
- I did the same with two buttons on my PS2 compatible pad (Thrustmaster Rumble T-Mini) but the same result showed.
- I set the circle to the left analog stick up or the right one.
- I set the circle sensitivy 1.5 to analog down, 0.5 to analog up, only down works.
The problem isn't so much with pcsx2 but rather very few controllers support half button presses, and even official PS2/PS3 controllers/adapters don't have proper drivers that support the function in windows.
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