Problem installing DS3
Hello guys, first time posting in this forum, I'm having some troubles getting my DS3 to work (via USB), I've seen many vids and many posts but anything gets it working no matter what way I try.
The last way I tried to install the DS3 was by following this vid: https:// www.y
Did everything in order, everything was going fine but when I was doing the last step something didn't go well because the final result wasn't the expected:
[Image: 155tngj.png]
And instead of getting just 1 light on the controller (as it must happen), I still get the 4 flashing red lights and my DS3 controller doesn't work.
Thank you in advance and sorry if my English isn't the best.
EDIT1: Right now not even the 4 lights flash, it's like powered-off

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i'm also the same with you, anyone have ideas? please help!

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