Problem involving connecting DS4 via USB with DS4Windows
Alright, so, you probably know what this is about if you read the title. Here is EXACTLY what happened:

>Finally gets DS4 to work on PC flawlessly via USB cord.
>Remembers that I have a rooted phone with the app "Sixaxis Controller"
>Downloads "SixaxisPairTool.exe" from the website
>Changes the Bluetooth address to the specified "64:B8:53:A1:9E:F0"
>DS4 now successfully connects to Phone
>Comes back to use PC
>Plugs in USB cord (If you haven't figured it out yet, I don't own a Bluetooth dongle because money Tongue)
>DS4 doesn't even recognize controller
>Uninstalls Program
>Still won't recognize
>Reinstalls drivers
>Still won't recognize
>Gives up for 3 months
>Comes back
>New update to DS4
>Controller works fine again
>Tries changing Bluetooth address again
>Works fine for phone, but DS4 breaks again
>Waits for months on end for new update
>Never comes
>Finally snaps and asks

I don't understand. The reset button on the controller itself won't fix it, Plugging it in via USB to the PS4 and turning it on won't fix it... I just don't know anymore. However, it's not the controller's problem, for I was able to plug it in and play Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight with full button support. It's not Window's (8.0 if that info matters) problem, because it will recognize and play a sound when it connects.

          Some extra info if it matters is that once its bluetooth value is changed, it will not even interact with the PS4.

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