Problem playing Dirge of Cerberus in Stereo 3D
Hi there. I recently changed my computer to an Intel Corei7-8700, 32 GB of RAM and a Radeon RX 580. The emulator works as smooth as the wind now, I can even run Dirge of Cerberus with 4x internal resolution, and Stereo 3D. The problem is, the Driver I found of Stereo 3D has the problem that the sky and the shadows don't work (the same it happened to the emulator when using Direct3D Hardware, until it got fixed), but the driver I found was this:

But it's old enough so that Dirge of Cerberus Direct3D Hardware doesn't work, it has the same problems as before, but in 3D.
So, googling a little, I found this guide, from Helix:

This guide, if I understood correctly, converts any GSDX driver to Stereo 3D. That would be great for me! But I can't make it work. The instructions aren't very detailed. For example, where should I install the Wrapper, in the plugins folder, or in the root of the emulator's folder? The other steps are more or less a little clearer, but that confused me a lot, and every time I tried to install the Stereo 3D of Helix, pcsx2 didn't see the driver, and didn't boot.
I know and understand that I'm asking for a tutorial of something outside this site, so please forgive me, I'm asking here hoping that someone can help me, because I really don't know where else to ask.

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