Problem playing Shadow of Destiny

First time posting here but just encountered a bit of a problem when trying to play Shadow of Destiny in PCSX2 today. When running the game in Hardware mode with my internal resolution the same as my desktop (1920x1080), like half the screen is cropped with black, but the dialogue text still appears in it. I know the actual screen of the game is twice as high, because I've played it before. It's annoying because from what you can see, it looks awesome visually. This problem doesn't happen in Software mode, but occurs in Hardware whether full-screened or not.

It isn't cropped in the main menu or anything though, only in-game. I've tried changing the aspect ratio in GS window too, though it doesn't fix it.

Here's a screen of what I'm talking about.

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As my other half pointed out in her test, it's caused by custom resolutions, so try running in native, that should do it Smile

Native x2 etc might work, but i couldnt guarentee it.
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Oh nice, got it work in 6x Native, that's about 1920x1080p isn't it?
it depends on the game, it'd be 3072x3072 for sure (lowest game i played was 512x512)
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That's a really cool game btw, enjoy Tongue2

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