Problem|running a game
I'm using pcsx2 v0.9.6 and trying to run a game called "BBoy"
On my pc and tried it on my friends pc too.
I tried 2 different ways after configuration(not from this site from youtube)
i tried to use daemon tools and read iso to a "G" disc and then opening the cd rom with the pcsx2.
the second way was to read the iso directly from software by changing the configuration.
The problem is that the game runs but shows me only credits of games at
start and its like it shows 1 line and then the second line and after that
i only see black screen and nothing else Sad
I dont have a clue what is the problem can you help me?
**On the console it shows me massges in red that i dont have erom and rom1**
Thanks for help Smile

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1: get the new 0.9.7 beta
2: I don't think that game works on the beta either, but try it
3: the *rom errors are ignorable.
Thank you for advice to run it with 0.9.7 beta but like you said it should change anything?
Anyway can you give me link to download it?
there's a thread with a link to it in the news section
ok but about the problem of the game what could be the problem i want to play this game?
**Edit**I downloaded the new beta and it works thank you very much**Edit**

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