Problem running games
Well so heres how it is.
I'm running a mounted version of the Final Fantasy X Iso. I got current BIOs and everything, all the tests in config say everything is working right, but when I hit run CD/CVD or try the execute command, it starts it but the screens black, gives me a reading of circa 40 fps and thats it. Whats going on?? Any help would be much appreciated.

BTW running on a X2 AMD processor, 2.6 gHz, 3 gis o ram, and a 768 ddr2 vid card. I think I'm alright on comp stats to run this, or is that the problem and I'm not bright enough to figure that out?

Again any help would be nice!

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Don't mount the ISO.
Use LinuzAppz ISo plugin and read the ISO directly.
Use native option in GSdx and Keep Nloop Hack enabled with the tick greyed out.
Disable the speed hacks and later enable them one by one.
Tried that, and it started an endless loop and it didn't get anywhere.

EDIT: Its an IsoReadBlock loop. I read and reread the guides and I can't find that I'm doing anything wrong.
if you try with Gigaherz plugin and use your DVD does it work ?
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(03-26-2009, 01:41 AM)jesalvein Wrote: if you try with Gigaherz plugin and use your DVD does it work ?

thats what i did initially and i got the black screen...
if it keeps doing an IsoReadBlock with the value next to it always the same, then that means it's a corrupted iso. try redumping your dvd.
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja

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