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Hello everyone. My friend sent me the 0.9.2 version of the PCSX2 emulator this afternoon with the essential plug ins and 4 bios. I used PowerISO to get an ISO from my copy of MGS2 and I used EFP polling CDVD Driver 0.4.0 to run the mounted ISO. I clicked Run CD/DVD was greeted by the PlayStation 2 start up screen followed by the "PlayStation 2" game start up screen. But after that, nothing. Nada. I then checked the other tab and saw that it said:

"[ZenAudio_GetSoundPan] ZenAudio not yet initialized
[ZenAudio_GetSoundVolume] Zen Audio not yet initialized"

Anyway to fix this? Thanks.

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(04-13-2012, 04:36 AM)RufusMGS Wrote: 4 bios.

you have 4 PS2(s)????
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He sent me the emulator. In it are 4 bios. An NTSC, another NTSC, a PAL and a Japanese one.
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