Problem using cheats function
I'm sure most of you will be cursing the title of this thread, since there are hundreds of "cheat" topics choking pcsx2 forums yet this one is different! Honestly.. Closedeyes

I've made a cheat file for FFXII (SLUS 20963), fully converted etc and i've placed the file into a directory i made myself in the \\program files\pcsx2 0.9.7, which i called "cheats" Cool. So I fire up PCSX2, enable cheats within the file menu then I should be good to go, right? It doesn't work. I tested as I have added a cheat for max gil yet my gil doesn't change when I load up the game. I also went looking for a fight, took a cactaur down yet my LP stays exactly the same. What could be wrong? I've included the pnach file..


gametitle=Final Fantasy XII [SLUS 20963] (U) [0779FBDB]
comment=some cheats

max gil

Quick LP

Increased Steal Rate

would be really cool if somebody could help, since it seems i have everything correct yet it isn't working as intended.

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Check in the titlebar of the Console window says [Cheats = 7] when running the game.

Your max gil code looks wrong to me however, what's the original code?

Nevermind found it. You did a bad conversion of it, it should be like this:

max gil
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ah thankyou very much Shadow Lady, i will test that out! The last time I tried to convert these cheats from codebreaker etc there wasn't very much documentation at all, i searched and searched through google. I only just found out that the cheats have to be in RAW format lol.. i actually "borrowed" Wink the cheats from another forum so after they had the same version and claimed to have tested them i just assumed..
Cheats are definitely on with a 7 in the status window.. weird, my save file has become corrupted Sad!

Hmm.. seems my save is corrupted only if I load it with the cheats enabled, if i escape and tick the cheats after it loads then everything is fine i think.. i'll make a backup JUST in case. But u were spot on, it was a bad conversion.. lesson learned, in future, convert them myself, or ask Shadow Lady Smile !

Try the cheats one by one, maybe one of them is interfering with the memcards.

There's also a guide to convert the codes and some tools to make them easier to use as well as a FFXII save game editor (I haven't tried that one myself tho Tongue2), anyway try making a search next time.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
That Ivalice is exceptional.. a FFXII save game editor . Looking forward to trying that one. Thanks again.. Shadow Lady..

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